Welcome! I’m Megan Crozier, a Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist for the women who have tried everything but still can’t lose weight, fix their digestion, or get their energy back.


If you feel like you eat pretty healthy, exercise regularly, but still don’t feel quite right, I can help. OR, If you’re not quite sure if what you’re eating is right, feel like you should exercise more, and desperately want to finally feel good, I can help with that too.

If you want to wake up without going straight for the coffee, have regular poops and not feel bloated after a meal (yes, even an apple), and know that shedding a few pounds would make you feel more confident and comfortable, I can help.

You know something is off and aren’t quite sure if you’re eating the right foods for you. You want to know what to eat & when to eat so you can feel normal and do the things you love, thrive in your business, and be there for your family and friends without worrying about your health.

I’m all about getting you to understand how your unique body thrives and what it takes to actually nourish it so that you stop feeling like crap.

I’m here to help you understand what your body is telling you and figure out what is out of balance that could be causing you to feel like a slug, store that fat around your mid-section, feel crazy moody and anxious, and feel uncomfortable after eating.

Right now I’m sure you’re

  • Frustrated with the fact that you’re not feeling 100%
  • Not where you want to be with your health goals, whether that means losing some weight, feeling less bloated or constipated, or having more energy
  • Feeling like you eat healthy or have tried to in the past, but something is still off.

I understand, because I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to want to feel a certain way, look a certain way, and want to just find something that actually works. Long story short, I lost weight at first the unhealthy way – I ate less, exercised more, and ran my body into the ground. I had a few realizations by stumbling across a health blog and eventually (slowly) transitioned to eating actual real food. Good bye cereal and low fat yogurt, hello eggs and sweet potatoes. But, this wasn’t the end of my health issues. In fact, a lot of them were just beginning and I realized that my hormones were totally whacked, my adrenals were exhausted, my digestion was messed up, and my energy levels were never consistent. I destroyed my metabolism with calorie restriction. My body was starving for nutrients. With a functional approach, I’ve been working to restore the imbalances and damage I did from a poor diet and running my body into the ground.

Now, I’ve not only uprooted how I ate (junk food doesn’t even tempt me), but also how I exercise, how I sleep, how I manage stress, what I put on my skin, and how I view the environment and those around me. I’m here to show you that you eat foods that fuel your body, lots of it, and keep your metabolism healthy, hormones balanced, not worrying about feeling terrible after eating certain foods, and not exercise like a nut to feel healthy. It’s possible to get to the root of your issues and feel amazing in your body, no matter how crazy life gets.

My passion for helping YOU stems around my philosophy that you can reach your goals by eating foods you love, without dieting, and without spending hours working out. With real food, sensible fitness, and a system that WORKS, you can make living healthy the norm, not the exception.

I work with women who are ready and motivated to create a custom roadmap to their healthiest, bangin body. This means that they thrive in their relationship with food, exercise to start feeling truly amazing. Together we will uncover the best food choices for you and a system that make it work for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up everyday and feel like you know what you’re going to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, AND know that it will taste delicious but serve you in a way that leaves you feeling energized the whole day. You go to bed feeling amazing and satisfied with the decisions you made that day. You feel confident in your food choices and now that they are promoting fat loss, giving you amazing energy, helping you sleep well.

If you’re interested in fancy titles, I am Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Crossfit Level 1 Certified, RKC Level 1 Instructor, and have my USAW Level 1 Sports Performance certification. Clearly, training others to be strong and move well is my first love. But my TRUE burning passion is nutrition. I’m also a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association and GAPS Certified Practitioner.

A few fun facts: I love cooking and baking, almond butter, cuddling with my golden retriever, traveling (hopefully, someday to Costa Rica and New Zealand), coffee, love coffee, audiobooks, warm weather, and the beach. I’m a total homebody but can go out and have fun if I want to. I’m constantly reading articles online and keeping up with the latest research to continue educating myself, and bonus… it helps me help you!

Want more? Click here for more information on how we can work together, or take the first step toward feeling better and book a Discovery Call with me today. My gift to you is access to my Private Facebook Community – Keep it Real. You can also connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, or send me an email and say hello.